Bellantonio is an extra virgin olive oil with a strong and intense character. At its first taste, the bitter sensation prevails on the the spicy one, which is characterised by an olfactory predominance rare to find in other mono-varietes olive oils. Scents of artichoke, green tomato, almond and fresh-cut grass are really delicates. Its colour is an opaque emerald green which prevails for a long time considering the amout of phenolic substances. Becausa of its pronunced fluidity, Bellantonio is great to use on salads and cold dishes; a drizzle of this great olive oil is enough to enrich every kind of meat dishes, mixed grills, vegetables and soups.


Bellantonio – in glass


A strong character, in which to taste a bitter and spicy scent prevails and which retains a high olfactory persistence is Bellantonio.

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