Maximum expression of the land from which it comes, Chiaraluce is a special extra virgin olive oil. It stands out for its unmistakable and distinct Mediterranean character given by the two cultivars of its precious blend, Verdese and Maresca: Verdese gives an intense fruity, medium bitter and lightly spicy flavor; the Moresca instead gives this extra virgin a delicate sweetness and a pleasant aftertaste of artichoke. Bright green with golden hues, Chiaraluce is characterized by a herbaceous scent and subtle vegetal tones, with a medium fruity flavor with hints of green tomato, slightly spicy at the end. Due to its particular balanced taste it goes perfectly with many dishes, including legumes, soups, meats and salads.


Chiaraluce – in glass


Chiaraluce is the extra virgin olive oil that most characterizes the Hyblaean territory, in fact it originates from the Verdese and Moorish cultivars. The Verdese which gives a bitter and spicy taste, while the Moorish has a sweeter and more delicate taste.

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